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Istanbul, Turkey protest: "The murderer of Azad and Pandey is the Indian state!"

The murderer of Azad and Pandey is the Indian state!

The killing of the Central Committee spokesperson of the CPI (Maoist) and the journalist Hem Pandey was condemned in front of the Indian embassy in Istanbul/Turkey.

On July 1st, 2010 the AP/SIB brutally assassinated Cherukuri Rajkumar (Azad) and the independent journalist Hem Pandey close to the region Maharashtra. The Indian state has added one more assassination to its bloody record, the assassination of comrade Azad, who was for more than 35 years in the service of this people and his party.

On July 14th, 2010 supporters of the progressive and revolutionary theoretical publication magazine Partizan and of DHP (Platform for Democratic Rights) made a protest rally in front of the Indian Embassy in Taksim/Istanbul. Banners in English and in Turkish were saying "The murderer of comrade Cherukuri Rajkumar (Azad) and Hem Pandey is the Indian state! Long Live International Solidarity!" People were chanting slogans like "Down with the reactionary Indian state"! "Stop Green Hunt"! A statement was read and it was said that the Maoist's in India struggle against the imperialist monopoles and the Indian Comprador ruling classes and that they are against the expansionist policies of the Indian state which at the same time also kills nature. What has been called "Operation Green Hunt" by the reactionaries of India aims to destroy the Maoists". The statement also declared that it defends the merit created by the revolutionary peoples' masses. The rally ended with slogans like "Long Live International Solidarity"! "Stop Green Hunt"!"Azad and Pandey are Immortal"!


Istanbul Partizan News Agency