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Chakravyuh tune strikes a chord with Maoists

Jaideep Deogharia, TNN Nov 2, 2012

RANCHI: The makers of the movie 'Chakravyuh' may have anticipated a good response to their film, which highlights the plight of common man owing to rising prices through the song 'Mehangai', but little did they know that the Maoists, on whom the film is based, would lap it up as well.

Maoists operating in Bihar and Jharkhand have hailed the effort of the filmmakers and congratulated them for vociferously criticizing the corporate houses of pursuing their vested interests.

Manas, spokesperson of the Bihar-Jharkhand north Chhatisgarh border regional committee of the CPI Maoists, said, "We have heard a lot about the movie and are eager to watch it. We don't have access to movie theatres and television but our sources have told us about the movie and we would definitely like to watch it." He added that the film reviews in newspapers have made them all the more curious about it.

Talking of the song whose lyrics are 'Bhaia dekh lia hai bahut teri sardari re, ab toh humri bari re', Manas said that it touches upon the basic issue of price rise that concerns the common man. "The song further reveals that the price rise has been triggered by the corporate houses who have been allowed to loot resources at throwaway prices and make massive profits," he said.

Though the filmmakers have tried to play it safe by incorporating a disclaimer saying that they have no intentions to hurt sentiments or target corporate houses, Manas picking up some lines from the song said, "Birla ho ya Tata, Ambani ho ya Bata, sabne apne chakkar me desh ko hai kata, is true in letter and spirit and it seems that for the first time mainstream media has acknowledged what we have been saying since a long time."