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Solidarity Statements

Statement of Solidarity from Greece to the People of India

Let us express our solidarity to the people’s revolutionary movement of India

Lately, large military and police forces of the Indian state, supported by para-military organizations, have conducted a murderous military offensive to crush the resistance of the poor native peasants who defend their land and wish to live in their homeland under humane conditions.

The Communist Party of India (Maoist), which supports and participates in this revolutionary struggle of the masses, is under fierce attack by the forces of the Indian reactionaries. As a result, in the beginning of July, the forces of the Indian reactionaries murdered in cold blood a party leader and an independent journalist, thus outraging the left and democratic people not only in India, but all over the world.


Indonesia: Solidarity Message to the Indian People’s Struggle!

Stop Green Hunt Military Operation by the Government of India!

Long live international solidarity!

Currently, military and police forces of the Indian state, supported by para-military organizations, have conducted a brutal offensive to crush the resistance of the poor native peasants (adivasis) who defend their land and wish to survive in their homeland under humane conditions.


ATIK: Petition to Condemn the Attacks on Arundhati Roy

As the Confederation of the Workers from Turkey in Europe (ATIK) we condemn and oppose the attempt of the Chattisgargh government to prosecute Arundhati Roy for an article that she wrote about the Maoists. 

A country that prides itself as the "biggest democracy in the world" is attempting to choke and oppress the dissenting voices in India. This shows that 'real' democracy is not actually practiced in the daily life in India. 

Arundhati Roy is a well known progressive writer and journalist.


CEBRASPO (Brazil) Statement on the Indian State murder of Azad

Azad: prominent revolutionary leader killed by the fascist Indian State

Cherukuri Rajkumar, "Comrade Azad," political leader of the Indian people, a Central Committee's member and spokesperson of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) along with the young journalist Pamdey, were killed on July 2.

The action was carried out by Indian special police and secret service, who kidnapped and murdered them in Andhra Pradesh, which proves, once again, with what methods the old Indian State acts against the people's fighters. It clearly demonstrates the escalating fascism orchestrated by U.S. imperialism, and developed by Indian State.


ILPS-Canada Demands End to Operation Green Hunt

Indian government threatens to eradicate popular resistance by March 2010

In late 2009 the Indian government unleashed massive war against its own people under the code name "Operation Green Hunt" involving the deployment of 70,000 military and paramilitary troops. The target is the so-called "Red Corridor" that runs through parts of Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa and West Bengal states.

It's the latest in a series of efforts by the Indian government, labelled the "biggest democracy in the world" by Canada and other western powers, to impose "military solutions" on deep-seated social, political and economic problems,and to clear the way for local and trans-national corporations to plunder this region's resources. Most of the riches sit on or under land occupied by the poorest populations in India, including the adivasis -- the indigenous or tribal peoples.


Protest against the Slaughter of Peasants in India



A repressive, murderous operation has been launched by the Indian state, with the deployment of hundreds of thousands of police and paramilitary forces, with the participation of criminal paramilitary organizations. It aims to break the resistance of poor peasants in vast areas of India. It is about a mass and militant resistance that involves vast areas dwelled by over 100 millions of poor Adivasi (tribal people) peasants.


KMP-Philippines Statement against Operation Green Hunt


We, peasants from the Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas (KMP, Peasant Movement of the Philippines) strongly support the Indian peoples struggle against the Operation Green Hunt being implemented by the Indian government.

We strongly condemn the inhuman abuses of Indian military backed by US imperialism, the killings of Indian people, particularly peasants, the torture and rape, dislocation of 20 million peasants and hamletting and other forms of human rights violations. We hold the Indian government and US military and government for the violence imposed upon the Indian people.


To All Who Are Concerned About the People of India

Add Your Voices to Stop the War on Indian People

Once it was Operation Blue Star, now it is Operation Green Hunt.

Do you know?

  • The Indian government has declared war against its own people? It is called Operation Green Hunt. According to the government they have deployed 150,000 troops in India's central and eastern states. Independent witnesses say the numbers are closer to 250,000. This is more than the number of US troops in Afghanistan. This is war on the Indian people.
  • Recent statistics show 37% of the country's people suffer from chronic malnutrition and 50%are undernourished. The government's response?
  • To sign MoUs with large foreign and Indian companies to grab land from people, to displace them, so that corporations can prosper. The government introduced the Special Economic Zones Act in 2005 which allows large companies to acquire land, exempts them from tax, foreign exchange laws, labour and environmental laws, agricultural laws and special protections for indigenous peoples.
  • That nearly a third of India is under army occupation with no democratic freedoms? That all over India arrests, detentions, disappearances have increased to alarming levels since the people began resisting the corporate take over of India?


Immigrants from Turkey in Europe Call for Solidarity with the People's Movement In India


Call to the international public

Day of Protest - 5th February 2010 in Germany, Holland, Switzerland

For a long period, not one day passes by where the international media doesn't report on the human rights situation in India. Every day, people in certain regions in India are being displaced from their shelters and homes and are brought into so called "Reservation camps". Progressive and revolutionary activists of the Indian people are being tortured, killed or imprisoned. About 5.000 people belonging to the left opposition have disappeared until now.

With the military operation "Green Hunt", the Indian government has lunched a broad repressive and brutal "annihilation offensive" against the people. In the poorest regions in India, with the military operation "Green Hunt", the Indian government has launched a broad repressive and brutal "annihilation offensive"against the people. In the poorest regions in India the legitimate people upraising with the support of the ethnic minorities against this adversity, gains more and more sympathy worldwide.