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Press Statement by Mediator in Odisha Hostoage Crisis

  • Early Implementation of the Points of Agreement Between the Mediators and the Representatives of Odisha Government will Ensure Peace in the State
  • Independent and High Level Enquiry is needed to put a Check on the Warmongers who have been Trying to Destabilize the Present Situation in Odisha

You are aware that from the day one of the issue arising out of hostage of Malakangiri Collector and Junior Engineer that the most  reactionary forces,  more specifically the sections which are always against the process of peace, have been unleashing a misinformation campaign to defeat the peace process in the state. However they couldn't succeed and ultimately such a situation was defused and the Government of Odisha found itself in a situation to respond positively to the demands of the CPI (Maoist). In this process, the Government was at least understood for the time being not to wage war against the people by taking the name of Maoists.


In the mean while, some posters appeared in Narayanpatna and Koraput, in the name of Maoists. In these posters at Narayanpatna the unemployed youth have been urged to take up arms instead of pen. The posters at Koraput threatened the MPs, and MLAs using the name of Maoists. But as per the statement of Ghasiram Majhi, member of AOB committee of CPI (Maoists) published in the daily Sambadnd March 2011) categorically stated that they have not released the said posters and they have nothing to do with those posters. This shows that the forces involved in derailing the peace process are responsible for these posters. (Berhampur edition, dt.2

Besides these, a young man of Dasapalla of Nayagarh districts was killed in the police custody at Chamakhandi Police Station in Ganjam District. The deceased was taken to custody on 9-2-2011 around 9.30 pm along with two girls as a suspected Maoist at Patapur. The whereabouts of him and three other persons namely Sangit Pradhan, Satrughan Biswal and Subhankar Mallik is not known. They have been kept in the police custody as suspected Maoists for a period of twenty days.

The whereabouts of Sitanna Hikaka is not ascertained till today. On the discussion table during our mediation with the Government, we have also raised about Sitanna and four others. Sitanna was taken into custody on 25th November 2010 around midnight along with Sinu Himirika and Kalia Tadingi. They were severely beaten by the police and taken to police station. Their houses including utensils were damaged by the police. On the date of arrest, the police have taken away Sitanna Hikaka's voter I.D. card and B.P.L. card and threw away the rice, ragi, etc. After a day though Sinu Himirika and Kalia Tadingi were released, Sitanna was kept in police custody. His wife approached the local police station, S.P. and Collector, Koraput, without getting any results. Even during the discussions with the mediators this issue was raised and Home Secretary assured for an enquiry.

In addition to the above, a group of young people, who are functioning in self-styled manner as Kalinga Sena has made a complaint in one of  Police Stations in the capital against the mediators and the representatives of the government alleging them as the conspirators of the abduction. A Public Interest Litigation has also been filed in the Odisha High Court, which is believed to be at the behest of BJP and Congress, with prayer to entrust CBI for investigation into the conspiracy angle of the abduction issue.

All these acts of warmongers suggest that either the government is not sincere in its efforts to give peace a chance for the common people of the state, or the reactionary political forces making the security forces as their tools, have already initiated a process to disturb the peaceful atmosphere and to provoke the Maoist cadre to react, so that  the War on People code named Operation Green Hunt continues unabated for exploitation of natural resources and repression of common people including tribals using the name of Maoists.

We urge the Government of Odisha not to use delaying tactics in implementing the resolutions arrived at between the interlocutors and Government representatives. Any delay in the implementation of the points of agreement will encourage the negative forces to defeat the peace process.

We also urge the Government of Odisha to conduct independent and high level enquiry into all such incidents along with its conspiracy angle and bring the culprits into public exposure.

Dandapani Mohanty (One of the mediators with Odisha Government in the Hostage Crisis of Malkangiri Collector)

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